Shooters Images, Inc. currently operates 3 fully equipped studios in 3 geographic locations: Chicago IL, Bismarck ND, and our most recent studio in Sturgis, SD. Our Sturgis location contains a full "cyc" wall and lighting that allows us to also shoot cars. (Click here for a video showing the installation of the cyc wall and F2 lightbank at our Sturgis studio.)Our equipment includes a full array of professional Canon and Nikon DSLR bodies and lenses as well as Hasselblad & Phase One medium format cameras for magazine and catalog product work. Additionally, we have full video capabilities for projects that require a mix of video and still photography. We also have mobile equipment which allows us to build a full "studio" on location. 

Currrently, a new building is under construction at our Sturgis location. It will house offices, a gallery, wide format commercial printers, and a complete frame shop.